About Us

Company ImageLiteline Corporation has been a market leader and innovator in lighting since 1979. Our guiding philosophy is that there is a simple recipe for success: Price, Quality and Service. We believe that by combining these three elements, we can provide real value and service to our customers and partners. A-Line lighting is Liteline's specification line of lighting. A-Line products are designed to perform at world class levels. A-Line utilizes all the latest technologies. A-Line is commercial and architectural lighting done right.

At Liteline, our strongest skill is listening. We listen to contractors, we listen to engineers, we listen to designers and we listen to distributors. A-Line lighting is the culmination of what we have heard for the last 30 years.

Contractors want product that is quick and simple to install. They want product that goes in easy and is low maintenance over its lifespan. To address these concerns we have engineered the best hanger-bars in the industry. We provide push-in connectors in all of our junction boxes . Our products are intuitive to install with no flimsy components. We have industry leading technical customer service, who can answer all field questions.

Engineers want product that performs to the written specification. Our product is designed with extremely close tolerances. There are no corners cut in performance or assembly. IES files are available for all our products, we continuously review our product to ensure on-going compliance. Many of our products are designed to specifically address common job-site problems. We have a complete line of shallow and super-shallow fluorescent, HID and halogen down lights. These fixtures are under 4 in height and perform equally to their more traditional counter parts. Never again will an engineer have to compromise between plumbing HVAC and lighting. Now there is room for all of these elements in the same space.

Lighting designers want drama. Our products that will blow you away. We can provide HID downlights with the latest technologies that will provide light and contrast from heights of 30. Contact our sales rep and let us show you what we can do for your space.

Distributors need product delivered on time. We carry inventory. We have an 80 000 sqft warehouse in Toronto, and a 20 000 sqft facility in Vancouver. We ship complete, on time, all the time. Our commitment to service is simple: you cannot sell from an empty apple cart. We carry inventory so you can ship on time and get paid on time.

The future of lighting is now. We are undergoing a fundamental shift in the way spaces are illuminated. LED, HID and Fluorescent were once specialized niche technologies. They have now gone main stream. At A-Line we are committed to providing the lighting industry with new, innovative solutions that: perform as advertised, are price competitively and are available for immediate delivery. With these elements we are confident that we can provide the service you deserve. Call us now, and find out what we can do for you.