10″ Architectural Horizontal Compact Fluorescent Frame-in Kit

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Product Characteristics

A 10″ aperture architectural new construction application frame-in kit. Utilizing one or two horizontal compact fluorescent lamps, this fixture is suitable for wide beam area and task lighting. This housing offers a choice of trim types including reflector, lensed and wall wash trims.
  • 20-gauge cold rolled steel (CRS) mounting ring
  • 1-5/8″ deep collar may be used for various thicknesses of ceiling materials
  • G24Q/Gx24Q base socket for use with 4-pin DTT, TTT lamps
  • Installed plastic lamp holders in stamped galvanized steel housing attached on the reflector top
  • Commercial mounting channel bracket provides up to 5″ vertical adjustment which accommodated 1/2″ EMT conduits
  • Uses max. two 26W DTT lamps or two 57W TTT lamps - depending on model
  • Class P thermally protected ballast by an internal fuse
  • Choice of 120 or 347 volt high power factor electronic ballast
  • Spec Sheet Instructions
    Feuille de Spécification IES File

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