6″ Flat Frame Internally Adjustable Wall Wash Housing

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Product Characteristics

A 6″ aperture flat frame internally adjustable wall wash. This housing is used with a convex lens for smooth illumination on vertical serfaces, or with open wall wash slope reflector for PAR lamp directional lighting.
  • Thermally protected housing for vertical PAR30, PAR38 incandescent lamps
  • 1-5/8″ deep collar may be used for various ceiling thicknesses
  • Maximum extension by 24″ allows excess distance between joists
  • Self resetting thermal detector on J-box deactivates fixture if overheating occurs due to improper lamping or misapplied insulation
  • Adjustable lamp direction in 358° rotation and 0 ∼ 42° tilt with positive locking mechanism in adjustable bracket
  • Uses max. 150W PAR38 incandescent lamps
  • Spec Sheet Instructions
    Feuille de Spécification IES File

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