4″ LED Flat Frame Recessed Luminaire with Square Trim

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Product Characteristics

A 4″ LED luminaire with flat frame, combining high power LED with dimmable driver and a high grade square aluminum trim. The luminaire reduces operating costs and provides maintenance-free operation.
  • Available in high powered 14 watt and 20 watt
  • Galvanized steel flat frame with mounting hanger bars and optional vertical adjustable frame bracket that accepts C-channel and EMT conduits
  • Maximu extension by 25″ allows excess distance between joists
  • Integral thermal protector, disconnects if insulation is detected
  • Dimmable hen used with 0-10V for 14-20W at 120V
  • Extruded aluminum heat sink to facilitate heat dissipation and reduce LED junction temperature
  • Integral LED driver thermal protection to sense over temperature or improper installation
  • Enclosed quick disconnect allows for easy installation of the LED engine and reflector
  • Suitable for use in damp locations
  • Spec Sheet Instructions
    Feuille de Spécification IES File

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