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  RF305 3″ Line Voltage IC Type Housing
  RF305L 3″ Low Voltage IC Type Housing
  HV3-TH01 3″ Baffle
  HV3-TH02 3″ Reflector
  HV3-TH18 3″ Gimbal
  A3001S 3½″ New Construction NON/IC Type Housing
  A3002S 3½″ Remodel NON/IC Type Housing
  AT324B 3½″ Adjustable Baffle
  AT324C 3½″ Adjustable Reflector
  AT315 3½″ Dropped Clear Etched Lens
  AT316 3½″ Shower Trim with Frosted Flat Lens
  AT317 3½″ Shower Trim with Frosted Flat Lens
  AT318 3½″ Shower Trim with Convex Shape Lens
  AT319 3½″ Trim with Tapered Glass Diffuser
  AT335B 3½″ Pin Spot with Baffle
  AT335C 3½″ Pin Spot with Reflector
  AT329 3½″ Slotted Wall Wash Trim
  AT347B 3½″ Adjustable Wall Wash with Baffle
  AT327 3½″ Adjustable Elbow Wall Wash Trim
  AT328 3½″ Gimbal with Baffle
  AT3X18R 3½″ Gimbal
  AT3XA02 3½″ Circular Trim with Reflector
  AT3XA02S 3½″ Square Trim with Reflector
  AT3XA18 3½″ Circular Gimbal Trim
  AT3XA18S 3½″ Square Gimbal Trim
  AT3X01B 3½″ Rear Load Gimbal Baffle Trim
  RF401L 4″ Low Voltage New Construction Housing
  RF401L-75 4″ Low Voltage New Construction Housing
  RF402L-75 4″ Low Voltage Remodel Housing
  A4001S 4″ New Construction NON-IC Type Housing
  A4002S 4″ Remodel NON-IC Type Housing
  ATH24B 4″ Adjustable Baffle
  ATH24C 4″ Adjustable Reflector
  ATH43 4″ Retractable Wall Wash Trim
  ATH47 4″ Adjustable Wall Wash Trim
  ATH48E 4″ Eyeball Trim
  ATH84E 4″ Eyeball with Baffle
  GR-TH18R 4″ Rear Load Gimbal
  GR-TH18R3 4″ Rear Load Auto Levelling Gimbal
  ATH25 4″ Wall Wash Trim
  ATH25B 4″ Wall Wash Trim with Baffle
  ATH25C 4″ Wall Wash Trim with Reflector
  ATH29 4″ Slotted Wall Wash Trim with Baffle
  ATH35B 4″ Pin Spot Trim
  ATH34P 4″ Pin Hole Trim with Baffle
  ATH28 4″ Gimbal
  ATH452 4″ Decorative Frosted Glass Trim with Reflector
  GR-TH313 4″ Tilting Gimbal
  AT402 4″ Round Trim with Aluminum Reflector
  AT402S 4″ Square Trim with Aluminum Reflector
  AT4A02 4″ Circular Trim with Reflector
  AT4A02S 4″ Square Trim with Reflector
  AT4A18 4″ Circular Gimbal Trim
  AT4A18S 4″ Square Gimbal Trim